This is a heavily loaded research-guided project. Most of the process seen below is research that went into the project.
Below is a very revised summary of the process. Check out the entire process and 
data here
The Creation Phase 
The Planning Phase 
How It Works 
So how does it work? After playing online board games from being matched on a site, one can send an invitation box to the person they would like to spend more time with. Inside the box are custom pieces to the physical board games that the two play online. Inside is also an invitation letter explaining what this box is used for. While below one finds custom pieces to Battleship, other pieces can be designed as well for other board games.
The Creation Phase 
Rough Packaging Design 
Final Packaging Design 
After taking the design from the invitation box, that design was applied to the battleship pieces modeled in Fusion 360 and in the invitation letter. Adobe Dimensions was used to render these images.

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