Time Testers is the winner of the Tomorrowland Problem, an original in-house design competition created by Georgia Tech's Theme Park Engineering and Design Club. Collaborating with other team members with engineering backgrounds, our challenge was to create a new ride to replace Stitch's Great Escape without any intellectual property. In so, we created our own theme and story. ​​​​​​​
Team Members:  Matthew Waller, George Turmail, Hayden Blodgett, Isabelle Gustafson, James Hanus, Kakeru Kobayashi, and Skylar Casanov.
As a simulation ride, a large screen in front of guests (who are the time testers) immerses them into the world of the past. All of this is brought to them by the TTB, the Temporal Travel Bureau (a fictional society) which makes tomorrow's travel better!
I created the pod interior view, concept development, the pitch slides, and chose the typeface. Time Testers is our solution where we take our guests on adventures through history and beyond!

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