Hi, I’m Matthew Waller, a senior, majoring in industrial design with a focus on experience design and storytelling at the Georgia Institute of Technology (graduating in Spring 2024), interested in ride/attraction design, creative technology/interactive design, and project coordination/strategy roles in the themed entertainment industry. 
   I’ve been blessed to have interned with Universal Creative, Storyland Studios, American Scenic Design, and Simiosys LLC. Through my time interning, I have been thankful to work with amazing teams  themed entertainment projects that are on three continents, helping to manage $1,000,000+ project budgets, and even applying for my first patent. 
          I chose my major because I want to use the power of design to bring smiles to people’s faces and create an emotional impact on guests. I want to make an impact in the field of experiential design by striving to design ride systems/vehicles and physical interactive experiences to create immersive environments, produce emotionally impactful guest experiences, and help transform lives one smile at a time. 
          I have had experience with software such as Unity,  Blender, Solidworks, and Adobe Creative Suite, experience with modeling and building physical prototypes, and strong project management skills to get multiple projects done on time and on budget. I also have been blessed to represent Georgia Tech at the 2023 World Experience Summit as a keynote speaker in London, talking about some of my design research, experience design literature review, and how that was incorporated into the Star Lounge experience.

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