3D Modeling/CAD
From 3D modeling a spaceship in Solidworks, to cleaning up hand scans in Fusion 360, to using Meshmixer to help create a computer mouse, and playing with Maya's Bifrost extension, I know how to use 3D modeling and animation software to create products and renderings.
Ride Vehicle Sketches and 3D Models
These are some concepts, rough sketches, and renderings of ride vehicles made by hand, using Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Solidworks, and Blender.
The following are sketches of products I have drawn over the years. From kitchenware to rings, to bikes, and so many other things, I have sketched a lot of concepts of products over the years.
Digital Renderings
From hard drives to a space saber, flashlights, lamps, and more, I have created many renderings in Photoshop. With a focus on using a two-point perspective, concepts were drawn out in pen. Then after scanning it, I used Adobe Photoshop to color it in, add a drop shadow, and shaded it in some/added some highlights.
Models and Prototyping
From 3D printing to laser cutting, vacuum forming, and more, I have experience using different tools to create models and prototype products.
E-Bike Vacation Experience Research
Research and human-centered development of data, users, insights, and opportunities around the e-bike vacation experience industry.
Tangible Augmented Reality
Using the power of Unity, Vuforia, Maya, Fusion 360, and 3D printing, these programs were used together to create an animated and tangible augmented reality (TAR) experience for a phone design.
Product Animations, Motion Graphics, and Video Editing
Check out some environmental animations from Maya, exploded animations of products from Fusion 360, and videos that used Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and iMovie.
Interactive Character Pipeline
Revit Building Design
Working with architects, we developed this building design in Autodesk Revit. I was responsible for conceptual design, creating building levels, working on the exterior design, the color scheme on the bottom level, and final renders.
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