Other Design Work

Ride Vechile Design
These are some concepts, rough sketches, and renderings of ride vehicles made by hand, using Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, and Blender. There will be more to come as well soon as my skills get better!
Interactive Character Pipeline
Renderings from Photoshop!
From hard drives to a space saber, flashlights, lamps, and more, I have created many renderings in Photoshop. With a focus on using a two-point perspective, concepts were drawn out in pen. Then after scanning it, I used Adobe Photoshop to color it in, add a drop shadow, and shaded it in some/added some highlights.
Hand-Drawn Renderings With Models
Rendered and edited in Fusion 360, one design was then drawn out with a pen. Using grey-rendering markers, the model was rendered with different greyscale shades, adding textures in the process as well. 
3D Modeling and Maya Animation
From 3D modeling a toy duck, to cleaning up hand scans in Fusion 360, to using Meshmixer to help create a computer mouse, and playing with Maya's Bifrost extension, I know how to use 3D modeling and animation software to create products and renderings.
Beyond The Note
This book was created to tell the story of the Georgia Tech band program in a professional manner. The book is laid out in composition score order with each page featuring one element of the ensemble. This book targets those that want to learn more about Georgia Tech's history and traditions. 
Kopo is a brand I developed that is devoted to creating baby health and wellness products (sippy cups, diapers, and wipes) that focus on creating a soft, comforting, tranquil, and fun feel for one to two-year-olds and their parent’s environment. Brand elements and packing design were created as well.
Revit Building Design
I worked with an interdisciplinary team of industrial designers and architects to develop this building design in Autodesk Revit. I was responsible for conceptual design, creating building levels, working on the exterior design, the color scheme on the bottom level, and final renders.
Meghan Valentine Performance
It's time to get in shape! Meghan Valentine Performance is a training and fitness facility that pushes you to your limits and back!n I took Meghan's old site and rebranded her company. From color pallet, type, grip, layout, whitespace, and more, I applied these graphic design elements throughout her site.
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