A product that holds up an iPad Pro. Designed in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot, this product holds a microcontroller, a Bluetooth sensor, a battery, and a speaker so the music/sound from the iPad can be amplified through the speaker and out towards the audience.
Pronghorn SAR: E-Bike
Developed for mountain search and rescue, this is a bike designed to help save people's lives in the outdoors which other emergency vehicles may not be able to reach. With the rise of electric bikes (e-bikes), this new design allows for an increased carrying capacity and is easier to see at different times of day.
Kopo Mattress Mover
A solution to help a child feel more comfortable when one sleeps at night. Taking the feeling of riding in a car, a device was created to go underneath a standard-size baby mattress, sitting on the crib fence that usually holds the mattress. I learned and executed strong user-research methods and skills.
Black Panther Army Ship
A digital rendering based on understanding Intellectual Property's visual language and integrating that into the design of a product.
Running The Bases Centerpieces
For the movie premiere and reception of Running the Bases, I designed centerpieces that take the form of the logo of the production company, UP2U Film Production. Creating these centerpieces allowed me to work with financial restrictions, vendors, delivery, and assembly.
The Interactive Confusion Cap
An interactive cap with built-in LEDs, wiring, battery, and microcontroller that blinks when one turns their head to the side.
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