Product Design

Running The Bases Centerpieces
Centerpieces were developed for the movie premiere of Running the Bases. Used at the reception, the centerpieces take the form of the logo of the production company, UP2U Film Production. Creating these centerpieces allowed me to work with financial restrictions, vendors, delivery, and assembly.
The Confusion Cap
Have you ever been sitting in class with the professor explaining a lesson to you? Have you ever gotten lost in a discussion and felt confused? The Confusion Cap is an interactive wearable that helps express the emotion of feeling confused! By turning your head to the side naturally and putting your hand up to ask a question, the lights on the hat light up and blink in the shape of a "?". Now, one can always express their confusion in an interactive and clear way. 
Kopo Mattress Mover
Have you ever had a child and during the first few months with that child,  you do not get enough sleep? You are tired, grouchy, and maybe a little hangry too. All you wish is that your baby would sleep soundly, so you can sleep through the night too. The Kopo Mattress Mover is a solution to help your child feel more comfortable when he/she sleeps at night. Taking the feeling of riding in a car, a device was created to go underneath a standard-size baby mattress, sitting on the crib fence that usually holds the mattress.
The CradlePad is a product that holds up an IPad Pro. Designed in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot, this product holds technology inside of it. This technology includes a microcontroller, Bluetooth sensor, battery, and speaker. The design of this product allows for the music/sound coming from the device to be amplified through the speaker and out towards someone.
A Couple of Games
Welcome to A Couple of Games, where one can connect on campus through the experience of playing online and physical board games! It might sound silly at first, but A Couple of Games was developed by using 150+ facts from scholarly articles, worldwide market statistics, and 20+ college students' feedback to back up the design. Research shows that playing online and physical board games can help college introverts to begin relationships.
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