Experience Design

Star Lounge by Macy's
In partnership with Cognizant and Macy's, the Star Lounge is a research and human-centered driven concept for the future of retail experiences for department stores. As "The Top Golf of Retail," our experience brings the fitting room experience to the center stage of retail, allowing for "stars" to socialize with their friends while owning their personalized styles in an engaging and authentic space. Other group members include Uzoma Offor, Kyle Krummenacker, and Evan Lee.
The Garden of Us
Welcome to the Garden of Us, an interactive digital garden that promotes connection and community well-being found on the Media Bridge, a multi-million dollar integration of vertical and horizontal screens helping to connect Georgia Tech's Libraries.
The Lantern of Life
The Lantern of Life is an award-winning light to help tell a story that utilizes innovative storytelling technology, which creates the illusion of people living inside of it so that guests can experience it when standing in a queue for a themed attraction.
Improving the Curbside Guest-Experience
Working closely with the Hartsfield-Jackson team, a team and I were tasked with executing user research and ethnographic studies to analyze and provide strategies to improve the curbside guest experience for locationally challenged individuals at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.
Spinning Stories
Spinning Stories is a brand new experiential toy to allow seven-year-old children to learn how to manage their emotions through storytelling. Spinning Stories allows children to spin, draw, and create stories and manage their emotions through storytelling. Children can spin three wheels for story elements and use those to create a story. They can draw it out on a board or use items at home to develop their story. 
Spinning Stories in Virtual Reality
Welcome to the Spinning Stories presentation space. This space allows for experiential toys to be displayed in different environments in VR.  Designing, modeling, and combing Autodesk software VRed Pro, Revit, Fusion 360, and with Maya soon to be added in, this space allows for guests to interact with Spinning Stories in a whole new experience! 
Rambin' River Run
Ramblin' River Run is a unique water ride experience that takes guests through the history of Georgia Tech and the life of the famous student George P. Burdell. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, this experience allows guests to experience a hybrid flume and bobsled track that runs throughout the experience while also discovering the famous stories at Georgia Tech.
Time Testers
Introducing Time Testers, where a select group of special guest riders will embark on one of the inaugural voyages into the future through a simulator-type attraction. The experimental nature of their voyage is truly memorable, but it comes as a surprise when their time pod brings them, not to the future, but to the past. 
Tangible Augmented Reality
It's time to do some tangible augmented reality! Using the power of Unity, Vuforia, Maya, Fusion 360, and 3D printing, these programs were used together to create a tangible augmented reality (TAR) experience with a phone. 
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