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In 1999, Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore wrote a book called “The Experience Economy,” which explained that just selling products and services isn’t enough for economic growth. They suggested that businesses should focus on creating memorable experiences as a direct economic offering. This idea of providing experiences became popular with the opening of Disneyland in 1955.
Since then, experiences have become a big part of the 21st-century economy, especially through theme parks and entertainment destinations that aim to offer unforgettable experiences. However, the book suggests that economic offerings don’t stop at experiences; they are customized to transformations, creating the transformational economy.
With the pandemic emphasizing the importance of mental health, people have become more mindful of their well-being and personal identity. The cultural shift indicates that individuals now desire meaningful transformations that guide their identity and impact their soul, rather than just memorable experiences that evoke emotions.
Thus, the evolving concept is referred to in this project is of “life-parks.” The concept envisions the future of theme parks in the transformational economy, where design focuses on individuals’ identity. The goal is to provide a path for people to discover and live out their embodied stories.
Key Research Trends
“71% of consumers saying that they are interested in taking a vacation specifically to improve their wellbeing.”  
- Wellness Travel
“We are all chasing… our true potential and… our “ideal self.”

- Margaret Kerrison, Former Disney Imagineer
“70% prefer to spend their money on experiences, not things.” 
- Experience Radar, World Experience Organization
Research Questions
These questions were asked to determine what to focus on in the research.
1. What is a theme park in the transformation economy?
2. What are the affected outcomes of “life parks?”
3. What is one’s story in life-parks and how is it measured?
Research Results
Affected Outcomes of Transformation Diagram
This is a diagram showcases the who, what, when, where, how, and why of transformations. 
Make Up of Life Park Diagram
This showcases the terms of what the park is built upon. 
Life Parks Commercial
This commercial was made to showcase the feeling of a Life Park if it opened one day. The creative story was made using Chat GPT,  the images made with Midjourney, and the videos and audio made in Runaway AI. 
All Pictures used in this project, expect the diagrams, were made in Midjourney. Picture credit goes to all respected parties
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