Ramblin' River Run is developed to follow ASTM F2291 and ASTM F24.70 safety standards with a team of engineers and business majors.
This was a team project, and it took many people to contribute to it. I wanted to add some of the work I did to highlight my skills, but I recognize this is a team effort.
I am responsible for the overall creative development, concept art, the ride's story, graphics of control systems and security layout, modeling and 3-D printing, prototyping of track and rides vehicles, material expiration, and testing of model pieces. I also helped create a project charter, theory of operations, and risk assessment for the experience. 
Team Members: Cole Sosnowski, Isabelle Gustafson, Taylor Chapman, Allison Lloyd, Matthew Waller, Katie Crofton, Josiah Evaristo, Emily Hasler, Bailey Griffin, Taylor Kate Boyett, Brian Smith, StellaRose Stawara, Cathy Foss, and Kelly ONeal
Concept Art
Close-up image of log design falling down the final hill.
 Ride Vehicle/Systems and Track Design Models
The models were designed in Solidworks and were a team collaboration. Multiple designs were 3D printed, tested in water, and then other materials were added to prototype wheel options.
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