Following attending the Themed Entertainment Association SATE (Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, I learned three key takeaways from it.  One of the takeaways I came back with from my travels is that "small is the new big" and that character meet and greets were important guest experiences. 

My goal was to create a character that could enhance an existing experience area in a current theme park. Someone could talk to the character, and someone backstage could respond to the guest. Inspired by Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, I wanted to create a character pipeline that could be interacted with, like Chip from Beauty and the Beast.

-All rights and credits to Disney and affiliated parties for Beauty and the Beast. This project was just to showcase a pipeline, not create a character, as the character is inspired by Disney films
Wanting to create a small physical experience, I ideated ideas including ride layout,
projected buildings, ride vehicle design, to interactive targets.

Due to feedback, doing something with projection was the best option.
Sketches and Development
Test and Development
I tested the content multiple times through animation on Procreate, projecting on foam core, and other objects to see how the projection would react. 
Video of Character Talking
Through the use of a projector with MadMapper, Adobe Character Animator, and OBS, this was possible.
If more time was available, I would have loved to program in a microphone and sensor to pick up someone talking and then use AI to respond back.

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