Following attending the Themed Entertainment Association SATE (Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, I learned three key takeaways from it.  One of the takeaways I came back with from my travels is that "small is the new big" and that character meet and greets were important guest experiences. 
My goal was to create a character that could enhance an existing experience area in a current theme park. Someone could talk to the character, and someone backstage could respond to the guest. Inspired by Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, I wanted to create a character pipeline that could be interacted with, like Chip from Beauty and the Beast.
-All rights and credits to Disney and affiliated parties for Beauty and the Beast. This project was just to showcase a pipeline, not create a character, as the character is inspired by Disney films
Sketches and Development
Wanting to create a small physical experience, I ideated ideas including ride layout, projected buildings, ride vehicle design, to interactive targets. Due to feedback, doing something with projection was the best option.
Testing and Development
I tested the content multiple times through animation on Procreate, projecting on foam core, and other objects to see how the projection would react. 

This is an animation I made in Procreate. 

Video of Character Talking
Through the use of a projector with MadMapper, Adobe Character Animator, and OBS, this was possible.
If more time was available, I would have loved to program in a microphone and sensor to pick up someone talking and then use AI to respond back.
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